Whinge revisited.

The ‘Major Whinge’ thread was getting boring so I’ve taken the post ‘offline’… pro tem.

The way to ensure the situation doesn’t occur again is quite simple and involves wielding a pair of metaphorical scissors. This might upset a couple of people along the way but hard luck. We’ve enough stress from ‘without’, we don’t need it ‘within’.

I could write a polemic on attitudes and perhaps even ‘attribution theory’… but what’s the point? Some people are just incapable of certain ways of thought.

I apologise to all those currently making plans… but even though this is the first time this situation has ever arisen… once bitten twice shy. We won’t fall into *that* trap again.

2 thoughts on “Whinge revisited.

  1. I’m aware how easy it is to confuse a stupid person so regarding some of the comments from your previous posts I’ll say only this.

    While our ancestors were dragging themselves from the primeval swamps, shedding their gills and breathing air for the first time you know there were some creatures still content to be playing with themselves in the mud.

  2. oh I say – Im all for that -=mud mud glorious mud-nothing quite like it for cooling the blood- I could do with a bit of primeval

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