A bit more toe stuff.

So… the toe is *still* infected and looks dire (to me), however the specialist tells me it looks much as he expected it to. He also says I’ll almost certainly need another operation to ‘cauterise’ the nail to stop it regrowing since it looks like it won’t regrow onto the bed properly.

The wife was able to take a few days off work to look after me until the doc said I could drive again but we rang Bunnings up to ask them for a little help in paying for taxi bills… to get me to the hospital and the kids to school. We know we can’t claim anything from them because of the changes in the law but we felt they might be willing to help out a little nonetheless because it was quite clearly not *my* fault the damn box was on the shelf with the bottom unsealed!.

I had a charming letter from a ‘Melinda Reilly – Customer Relations Officer’… which I copy below for your comment.

Dear Mr Lewis,
We write to inform you that Bunnings Norwest has forwarded information to this office regarding the reported you were involved in on the 8th February2008.

Bunnings are always concerned to hear of incidents involving our customers and products and thanks you for bringing the matter to our attention.

Please be advised that all information it shall be passed onto our claims managers for their consideration, and they shall contact you accordingly.


(by the way the errors, ommissions and lack of sense this makes are reproduced exactly as written in the letter)

My *own* comment is that the bare minimum Bunnings need to do is retrain ‘Melinda’, or whoever drafted this patronising and insulting piece of crap in simple customer relations!

Right now words fail me. If anyone would like to help out by constructing a draft response for me to send to them I’d appreciate it. What a bunch of gits.

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