Pumpkin's father captured!

September 17th saw us publishing a picture of a three year old New Zealand girl called Pumpkin (real name Xue Qian Xun) who’s father had apparently abandoned her at a railway station.

We later learned that Pumpkin’s mother had been found dead in the boot of the car outside the family home and that her father (Xue Nai Yin) had managed to evade capture for questioning and was loose somewhere in the USA.

There has been speculation he was trying to earn a living teaching ‘martial arts’ since he was a known expert.

Today we learn that he has been captured and is expected to be extradited to New Zealand to face questions about both his wife’s death and his apparent abandoning of Pumpkin.

To be honest I’m *amazed* that he was found! Seems he was recognised by neighbours after his picture was shown on ‘America’s Most Wanted’. It just goes to show that sometimes there *can* be value in the vigilante type programmes.

In the meantime, little ‘Pumpkin’ has been living In Southern China with her grandmother (Xiao Ping Liu), and seems to be settling down quietly. Best of luck to her.

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