So.. what's new?

Well I’ve told you I’m blogging using what is really a pretty good piece of kit, but it’s even more versatile than I’d realised with some *really* nice plug-ins that extend and enhance it’s versatility! Do I sound impressed?? I hope so because I still am! 🙂

Trouble is same as always, for all the technical wizardry at my disposal… I still nee *content* and that’s where I’m finding things a bit difficult.

Right now the old imagination has dried up a bit. Can’t think of anything much to write about. It’s raining outside… can fall back on the weather I suppose. This is the coldest February in 50 years and I reckon will be the wettest! This Xmas and new year period was *the* worst I can recall in 15 years. Yes we need the rain… but please… give us a week or two dry and hot to remind us of summer?

Hmmm… that didn’t take long. Anything else? How about spiders.. ok again. Sitting outside the kitchen window are three webs one behind the other. The front one belongs to a common orb, the other two however are the St Andrews Cross variety

It’s possible you can’t see both spiders. The one at the front is is obvious enough, but can you see the smaller one? For some reason it constructed it’s web *behind* the larger one?

Even odder maybe is that the ‘larger’ one has built *it’s* web behind the even larger spider… a huge ‘common orb’. Look carefully and you’ll see that web, curving in an arc from middle to bottom left.

By the way, to show you the photo I’ve used this all singing, all dancing software to try out the ‘Polaroid’ plug-in. Not sure I’d like to use it constantly but it *does* remind me of that really cute ‘Traveller’ theme I used to have.

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