End of an era?

Still using the new software… working fine… does as much as I need and more! In fact it’s far easier to use that the entry page for the software itself as the wordprocessing functions are far more extensive.

Of course some of them may not work… so trying them out would be ‘a good thing’. For example, there’s ‘underline‘ which won’t work on the normal editing page in WordPress. Also there’s video embedding… now I can’t try that yet but it’s something to have a go at in the future! Of course you can only embed from the web… but still… it’d be a start! 🙂

I think this’ll be the way of the future for me. It’s useful for all sorts of other blogging software… e.g. Blogger… and is a *vast* step forward for some of the editing windows.

Now… how does it handle ‘upgrades’ to existing posts?

Oooh… it updates them automatically… me like this!

Oh it’s *so* nice to be able to type properly! 🙂

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