Quiet… too quiet!!

On the strength of the specialists suggestion I can now drive safely again, the wife has gone off to work… and thence to the theatre. The kids are naturally at school, and each has an ‘extra-curricular activity’ tonight so won’t be around until gone 4:00. The visitors are running out of the cash they need to fix up the camper they bought so have gone off to work. The dogs are asleep… the cat never says much, and the fish is also somewhat reclusive usually. All in all the place is quiet and empty for what feels like the first time since before Xmas!!

I’m sure it *isn’t* the first time, but it sure feels like it! 🙂

There is a lot I have to do, and no doubt I’ll get back into it soon enough, but the enforced ‘rest’ while this idiotic toe problem has been resolving itself has thrown my handle on things entirely out of kilter. The routine I had is very much affected. It’ll sort itself out soon enough of course, I just need a day or two to ‘re-engage’ with the house and inhabitants.

So, it’s not all bad. The kids are taking themselves to school on the bus (tho still need collecting), and the wife has been doing much of the cooking. If this keeps up I’ll soon be able to get back on with the garden, and then maybe back to the gym! I really need to get back to the exercise.

On the other hand… it is just *so* quiet here.

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