Toe the line.

Had the x-ray. Toe still cracked.

Saw the specialist. We were there on time… he was an hour late. He is also quite mad, utterly bonkers… and quite probably certifiable.

I can’t quote specifics, but from the moment he said hello… which he didn’t… he clearly wasn’t quite the full loaf. No doubt the wife will be able to expand on my meagre coverage of the bizarre conversation, but he rambled from the moment he asked us in to the moment we left. One ongoing theme was his quite interesting ‘take’ on the benefits or otherwise of being Welsh. For example he, the first thing he said was “Well that’s a funny accent”. I said there are 2.5 million of us back in Wales and I can’t remember any of us finding it particularly humorous!! That *really* seemed to set him off and he got more into his stride dropping lines like “I like operating on the Welsh… because their parts are all interchangeable.”.

I just thought… errr… pardon?? 🙂

Eventually we got onto the subject of my poor appendage which is still painful and ‘oozing’.

For starters he told I shouldn’t be wearing a bandage… or socks… or even a shoe for that matter. Let the air get at it… feet can stand a lot of interaction with the elements. Ok fine… but I already have an open wound which has an infection in it? No matter… cover it when you go to bed in case you knock it… otherwise leave it open to dry out.

Ok… then there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly (his terminology). The good is it looks as if it’s getting better. The bad is I might lose the nail… permanently… which leads to the ugly. If it doesn’t right itself there’s a good chance they’ll have to remove the entire nail and nail bed etc leaving the toe looking scarred and messy. Like I care?? It’s not as if I’ll be chasing French starlets across the beach at Cannes or something so that wasn’t something I was particularly worried about. I suppose the possible (probable?) prospect of another operation isn’t filling me with joy but I’m getting resigned to it wall now.

To summarise, as far as I followed what he was rambling about. He thinks the toe is recovering well… but will never be ‘right’ again. It’s painful because the bone is broken but he can’t fix that easily so just live with it. The infection should be fixed with the antibiotics (which he changed again) but recovery from that will be helped if I leave the dressing *off*!! I can walk until it hurts then stop. I can drive, but try to avoid bending the foot overmuch (see previous point). I can wear a dressing when I go to bed if I’m concerned I might rip the nail off or bang the thing while in bed.

I go back next week. I’m not sure which one of us needs to recover most. He was a strange, strange man!! 😀

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