Every day in every way…

Maybe not in every way but I did feel I was getting back to normal this morning. Then I changed the dressing… which stunk. The nail looks like it’s hanging off and it really isn’t looking as good as I’d hoped it might. In an effort to ward off any *more* problems, I’m off to the doctor later on to see if it’s become infected. Oh joy.

Before you ask… yes I *have* been taking the antibiotics as instructed. Maybe they just aren’t powerful enough?

Veering off at a tangent as I do, I went out yesterday into the garden for what felt like the first time in ages. What met me was a scene of desolation. The lawns are lank and straggly and the sides are in need of trimming back. All the garden beds have become overgrown because of the rain yet *despite* the rain the hanging baskets and tubs have nearly all died back leaving them looking quite sad.

What with the diet, the visitors, the school summer holidays the bad back, the rain, the damaged toe, the back again… and still the toe… the whole place has gone to rack and ruin. It’s quite sad when I think of the work I’d put in to make it attractive. Still, it gives me something else to do once I’m back moving around properly again… like I don’t have enough.

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