So there I am lying in bed…

Lying in bed last night and I started to think… I do occasionally… honest! Anyway, I started thinking about ‘the last time’ for doing, seeing, saying (etc.) things and whether we would have done whatever it was differently had we been aware it *was* to be the last time… for whatever it was. 🙂

This led me on to the subject of if we *had* done it differently, then *would* it have been the last time? This led naturally to my considering if there was ever a ‘first’ time’ or was there ever an ‘only’ time? I got here because I remembered all events are unique and so can’t be repeated.

Which of course led me to understanding there can be no ‘shared experience’ because we each approach an event from different perspectives and our prior experience means our memory of an event will be different even as it’s being recorded.

This quiet rambling around philosophical backwaters went on for some time… and then… I remembered I’d started taking the Modafinil  tablets again a day or so before and this surge in cognitive activity was quite probably one of the results! As, no doubt was the post about life in the digital age.

Yes it’s nice to think I’m as ‘normal’ as nature intended… but I can tell you it feels a damn sight better to be able to think a little more clearly!!

Maybe tonight I’ll start making a mental list of what things I’ve done for the ‘last time’. If that doesn’t send me off to sleep nothing will! 😀

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