From here toe eternity.

Just an update. Went to the docs yesterday after giving the toe a good clean and some new dressings.

She says it all looks ok and it’s recovering well. What’s better is that she seems to think I’ll be able to get back to the gym next week… which is a good thing!

Have to be honest though, I’m not sure she’s right. Currently I *can* walk and drive… but without shoes. Right now it’s just to painful to walk in them though I *can* get some on now (which is step forward).

Basically I just have to be patient and all will be well – she says.

As far as my hip and back are concerned, the said the CAT scan made things a bit clearer. There *is* some deterioration in the bottom two vertebrae which is causing some scoliosis. Since this has been pretty much the case since childhood I’m not surprised. It *did* surprise me to learn the hip joints are all ok! What is causing the pain is the sciatic nerve which is giving me referred pain (she says) because the collapsed vertebrae is impinging in the space of the nerve root and causing inflammation!

She suggests continuing with the anti-inflammatories and paracetamol as currently and taking them on an ‘as and when’ basis. If the pain increases then she can arrange for me to have painkilling injections every three months or so at the site of the inflammation. Don’t know about you but the idea of someone poking needles anywhere near my spinal cord fills me with the shivers so I think we can discount that until the pain becomes debilitating.

I figure if I lose a lot of this extra weight, and strengthen the ‘core’ muscles of my body then the need for those injections will recede to the far future so… once the toe is well… it’s back to the gym… again! 😀

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