Macca's Bacca!

Nothing to do with McCartney’s divorce or his penchant for ‘wacky backy’… just that I downloaded 4 of his Wings albums and boy are they good!

The only songs I recall liking of the Wings era were things like Jet (which was an all time classic) and Silly Love Songs (written after John Lennon jibed that was what Paul wrote mostly… ) but there are a few good tracks in here!

Early WingsAs soon as I got them I dipped in and out for a while to hear a few tunes off each of the albums to get an over view.

Didn’t take long to realise some of this stuff is *very* good! Because of that I decided to sit and listen to all the albums in turn and I’ve been hearing good music I’ve never heard before!!

The first I tried has been “At the Speed of Sound” so far… but bearing in mind it’s from 1976, it’s been quite listenable all the way through! Currently working through “Wings over America”!

Clearly well written and well produced music *will* stand the test of time… or maybe it’s that I’m just getting old?? 😀

Nah… can’t be that… I hope??

p.s. is there a word ‘listenable’?

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