Doesn't rain but…

Just to add to the woes… the enforced relaxation has made my back flare up again! I must have been lying in an awkward position or something and ‘pulled’ something.

I’m dosed up (again) on anti-inflammatories and paracetamol but it’s not having much effect as yet. Jinx!

The wife did an amazing job yesterday clearing up and tidying ahead of two sets of visitors so there is nothing essential for me to do today. I’m clean and tidy too… more or less… since while changing the dressing on the toe I figured I’d go for a shower and get cleaned up. Cleaned the foot as well, redressed it and I felt a whole lot better!! Just being clean and smelling less rancid made a big difference! 😀
As for the toe, well it looks no better… and looks no worse… so looks much the same (how’s that for pointless waffle?? :)). The nail still looks as if it’s going to come off… which is inevitable really I suppose… and it’s still slowly weeping blood. I’ll call the docs later on an see when my existing appointment is and see if I can ‘extend’ it a little to cover this new problem.

Talking of ‘problems’, the wife is off to Melbourne overnight to attend a meeting or two. Won’t be back until tomorrow night… sometime. If the plane arrives late we can go into town to get her but since the youngest will be at Girl Guides until 7:00 p.m., getting there might be an issue. We’ll play that one by ear I think.

Driving isn’t all it could be… but there is little I can do about that, I just have to do it. It’s hard to press on the pedals (which are set up for a right foot) without pressing on the toe as well… but we’ll manage. I’d have to drive sooner or later because the kids need to get to and from school, so I’ll just have to take extra care.

So, currently, the situation is this. I’m sitting here, right toe in bandages with it aching a bit and slowly weeping blood. My back is aching too. The rhinitis is again making my nose stream (and I can’t find the Nasonex). The wife will be away overnight so it’ll be a bit quiet. Apart from that all is well and I feel good.

Life could be worse! 😀

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