Bored :(

Spent yet another morning doing nothing and I’m bored rigid!!

Just *why* I should be bored I don’t really know. I have the TV, a selection of DVD’s, books, magazines, and the laptop which gives me access to the entire Internet! But bored  I am!

Still, today I have been sitting in an armchair propped up by one of those ‘triangular pillows’ that has given my back some much needed support and allowed the pills to do their job. The result has been that I can at least move about a bit. What’s more I can move about *vertically* instead of listing heavily to port (the left :)) although I am having to bend double in order to do it!

This afternoon I have the prospect of sitting for three hours watching the youngest daughter on the ice… and those chairs are *not* comfortable. I might have to sit in the car instead… won’t *that* be fun?? 🙂

Still, over all there’s been an improvement so things *are* looking up… metaphorically anyway! 😀

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