Warragamba Dam

The recent spate of appalling weather has been a bit of a double edged sword for Sydney in general and for us in particular.

The rain of the past two months has ruined many a holiday including that of the daughter and grandkids from the UK. It’s soaked through everything,made a mess of the swimming pool, and damaged the roof of our verandah… yet there is an upside.

The drought that lasted 3 years has broken over much of the area and the water levels for the Warragamba Dam have risen by nearly 5% to roughly 65%, enough to last us a good few years yet even allowing for increased use.

The desalination plant is under construction as we speak so the water supplies are assured for the foreseeable future. Still, as I sit here and watch the huge downpour outside as the storm thunders around me, I *do* wonder if perhaps we can have too much of a good thing?

It might be nice to go sit in the sun for just a little while? đŸ˜€

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