A score to settle?

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again… the score for the Lord of the Rings is without doubt *the* best I’ve ever heard. There are surprisingly few film scores that have been so good they have registered with me as ‘separate’ from the films they were written for.

Of those that *have* made an impression, all but one have had a ‘theme song’ or ‘melody’ associated with it as the main reason for it’s prominence. Films in this category would include Love Story, Dr Zhivago and the like. Even the incredible score for ‘The Third Man’ had its hit melody “The Harry Lime Theme” as the main musical focus despite the rest of the film score being exceptional for it’s use of the zither… and what an instrument that zither is! 🙂

The exception is the score for Lord of the Rings by Howard Shore – a masterpiece in its own right.

The theme for the Lord of the Rings never made it as a ‘chart’ success… or even a popular favourite, tho there were songs at the end by Annie Lennox and Bjork that were very memorable. Nevertheless, the score is quite acceptable as ‘music’ entirely in its own right with multiple ‘themes’ intertwining repeatedly throughout the movies.

Some time ago I was lucky enough to find the CD’s made of the score for each of the three released films and those I listened two repeatedly. Sadly however I managed to lose two… no idea where they are… but I quite miss them.

Trouble is, because I know I *had* them, I tell myself they must still be here *somewhere* and I don’t want to buy them again until I’m sure they are gone… much like the problems I’m having with replacing my camera. Having said that, I know that the entire score is available as a set and occasionally I find myself looking at the sets and considering what the wife would say if I splurged and bought them… so I don’t. 🙂

Still, wanting to listen to the music is as good an excuse to re-watch the films as any… and I can always find lots of excuses to re-watch the films.

5 thoughts on “A score to settle?

  1. Chris I know I’ve got it at home. I could upload the disc onto our ftp site and you could download it from there if I give you the passwords and stuff??

    Let me know.


  2. Cool fella. I’ll mail you the ftp details today and bring in the disc tomorrow and drop you a line when it’s uploaded.

    Cheers Si

  3. It’s there Chris. I uploaded it yesterday and mailed you at your gmail address with our ftp details.

    Let me know if you’ve got it.

    I’ve had to bin the old laptop and haven’t got your welshdog address.


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