Who's a silly boy then?

Recall a couple of posts ago that I was concerned about the possibility of a poltergeist taking over the house because of ‘sneezing’ noises we were hearing?

Well the mystery (such as it was) is solved.

A week or two ago I decided the house ponged a little… ok a lot… in fact it stunk!! I wasn’t sure if this was because of the dogs who have coats that smell like rancid fat, or because there were 11 of us living in the one house… or something as yet unidentified.

To help solve the problem, or at least mask it pro tem, I ‘invested’ in an automatic air freshener which was set to send a burst of ‘scent’ out in to the room at intervals of 36 minutes.

It dawned on us today that *this* is what had been making the sound of a cat sneezing.

Pretty trivial solution in the end… I almost wish it *had* been a poltergeist now! 🙂

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