Weather around Blacktown.

Off at sparrows to get the wife to the train because of the bad weather. We took the main road to avoid the causeway which would probably have been flooded and arrived at the station in plenty of time with no problems… except that the trains had been cancelled!

A Railcorp person came out from the station just as we parked and she kindly told us a tree had fallen across the track between them and Blacktown and that buses had been laid on to transport people between the two.

Things being what they are we decided it would be best for me to take the wife to Blacktown myself. This meant she had a comfortable (and immediate) 15 minute car ride instead of a (delayed) 30 minute bus journey. We figured she’d be able to get a fast train in and get set up faster.

Turned out the only trains available were ones that stopped at every station between here and wherever… but at least she got there!

On the way there, and back come to that, the effects of the weather became more apparent. Leaves and branches had been stripped off trees and the road was covered in detritus from overflowing drains and pathways. It’s at times like this you appreciate why our storm drains are as large as they are and are *very*thankful for it!

Right now our house doesn’t seem any the worse for wear but having heard the local news I’d say we were just lucky… again! Blacktown which suffered badly in the last hailstorm a couple of months ago was flooded yet again and yet more damage caused.

There’s little we can do to ‘protect’ ourselves from any of this.  I suppose it’s one of the problems with living in such a nice place. Every so often the heavens feel the need to remind you that this isn’t paradise itself… quite. 🙂

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