Kids off back to school this week… yaaay!!

If you hear sounds of cheering from the house later this week you’ll know what’s happened… the kids have finally gone back to school!

The youngest will be heading back into Year Three of Junior school and is looking forward with some trepidation to the event wondering who her new teacher will be. She’s expressed some concerns about the choice, but it’s out of our hands so she’ll just have to manage with whoever she’s placed with. No doubt she’ll be fine though.

The eldest daughter is actually changing schools!! She left Junior School before Xmas, and will be entering ‘High School’ when she returns. My baby is growing up!

Both schools are on the same grounds of course. One of the reasons we chose this school was that she would be able to go from Kindy to Year 12 on the same familiar grounds with much the same cohort of fellow students and the same school ethos. I’m not 100% convinced it’s the best school for her… but at the same time I can’t convince myself that moving schools wouldn’t cause more problems than it cures. How do you tell?

Still… she’s off to High School.

We’ve bought her a bucket load of textbooks books and stationery… over $1000 worth already… and rearranged the furniture downstairs to make her a work station with cork boards, computer, and shelving etc. Optimally it would be in a quiet space away from the rest of us, but on current evidence she is incapable of working like that… yet… and needs us around to nag her into doing the work.

And work she will have!!  We’ve been assured by other parents who have children already in High School that there is a quantitative and  qualitative difference between the way the two schools work that will wash over her like a Tsunami starting from day one. One of her friends who started High School two years ago said that even on the first day she arrived home with more homework than she’d had in Junior school… from *each* teacher!! Bearing in mind how slapdash the daughter has been with her school work to date, she’s in for a major shock!! 🙂

We’ll do our best to keep her afloat, hence the workstation… but at the end of the day she has to swim alone or sink. I expect she’ll cope, most kids seem to. We’ll just keep a watch and see how she goes.

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