Human beings – human doings

I was sitting at the train station this morning, as I do every morning what I take the wife to catch her train, watching would-be passengers coming and going. This morning for some reason what struck me was the huge diversity between one human body shape and another.

It was just an idle thought really but as people we really are a mixed bunch! In terms of body shape, some of the people who walked by were tall and thin, others tall and fat… or short and thin… short and fat…. etc. And then there were the colours ranging from a deep dark ‘black/brown’ to a rosy ‘pink/white’. And then there are facial features… well you get the picture.

It just seemed this morning that this little microcosm of humanity catching a train from the backwaters of a small community to a slightly larger community itself in the backwater of world affairs highlighted how our similarities outweighed our differences

I doubt I’ll ever meet any of these people face to face, or have anything to do with them personally on any level, yet for that short period I felt we were all one regardless of size, colour, shape, ethnic origin… we were just…. human.

Ok it’s all a bit obvious, and not exactly profound… but sometimes even the most obvious can suddenly hit you with the force of a sledgehammer. đŸ™‚

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