Done as far as done can be.

The house isn’t clean. The house isn’t tidy. Neither am I come to that… but all of us (and it) are as good as we’re going to get.

Kids are off to school despite having had yesterday off to visit the doctors because of sinusitis, sore throats and flu. They both have to clean out their desks and lockers ready for a move of classrooms since it’s the year end so even if they have to drag themselves in they have to go.

The wife is worst of all with the sort of flu *I* usually get. She is very rarely ill so when she complains it means she really *is* ill… and she’s been complaining vociferously which shows just how ill she is!! She’s got antibiotics etc but so far isn’t feeling too much improved. Yet she’s up and getting ready to go meet and greet the rellies at the airport. I bet *they’ll* be glad to catch this! 🙂

Strange I don’t have the lurgy… usually if something is going round I get it first and worst. Maybe it’s the diet… maybe it’s the gym… maybe it’s holding off so I can come down with it over Xmas (which is my favourite theory right now :)).

Either way we’re done and done. The house and us are what we are so they can all take it or leave it.

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