The never ending story.

As written in the other blog, I’ll be giving the gym a miss today and will probably have to miss tomorrow as well! We have two more rellies arriving in the morning and the place looks like a bomb has exploded… again. Too many kids in too small a space in too wet weather means havoc! 😀

What’s worse is that lots of them are ill. Both my kids have come down with sore throats and other assorted ailments and will be visiting the doctors as soon as they open. Just to add to the fun, the wife came home yesterday croaking and after eating dinner disappeared off to bed without a word to anyone!

The two rellies arriving are from the UK. They are the daughter of the wife’s oldest brother from his first marriage… and her husband. We’ve only seen her twice in the past 25 years so we might have a few issues locating them. We’re hoping the wife looks similar enough to her older sister for some pattern recognition to take place and for her to find *us* otherwise we’ll be milling around Mascot like sheep… and I can’t see me walking up to young women and asking if they’d like to come home with me. I’d either end up battered or in prison, or – more likely – both!!

So… works calls… again. I do my best to ignore it but it perseveres. The bad back is a little better but it sure slows up the work rate when you can’t bend!!

Oh heck. I just remembered I have even *more* to do than I thought. Last week I promised to go up to the Guide Hall and mow their grass before the place turns into a jungle.

Gawd it’s true… like the subject says… it just never ends.

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