Where will it all end?

I have so much work to do I don’t know where to start. What’s worse is that I don’t even know if I *can* start. My back is killing me and everything I have to do involves bending or stretching.

The lights have to be sorted out in the garden ready for Xmas. The house needs tidying. The floors needs cleaning. And I need to exercise!! I’ve worked hard over the past few months to get my weight down and have got *so* close to ‘winning’ the competition it’d be sad if I lost it in the end because of such a silly thing as a bad back. Actually, on a theme, I was quite surprised the other day when I converted the kilos lost into ‘stones’ and learned that over the past 3 months I’ve actually lost over 6 stones!! For me (who was brought up using the old style measure) that seems like an awfully large number!!

In fact it gives me some hope the weight might actually all go this time. Telling myself I need to lose 75 kilos or so is a lot more daunting than realising I ‘only’ need to lose 3 stones! Just three stones… can do that any time… bring out the turkey and the Xmas pud!! 🙂

Of course that’ll be ‘sometime in the future’… in the meantime I’m still stuffed. I still can’t move easily… and I still have the work to do. Where will it all end? In tears I suspect. 😦

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