And todays disaster is… ?

Well ok it hasn’t happened yet… but I’m sure something will crop up. It usually does.

I took ‘three days off’ from the gym to clean the house in advance of the daughter arriving from the UK. The first day saw me having a blood test and shopping. Yesterday saw me sitting in a garage most of the day. Today… well I *was* going to get on with it… until the eldest daughter reminded me *she* had promised to make Welsh Cakes for her Guide meeting tonight.

Guess who will be digging out the iron bakestone and ingredients and knocking a couple of dozen up? Guess who’s supposed to be on a diet and will find every minute torture?? I love Welsh Cakes. When my grandmother made them us kids would stand there scarfing them down as fast as she could get them off the griddle!! Talk about a test of willpower!! Today will be awful!! 🙂

Anyway – first I have to get the kids off to school and the faster they leave the faster I can come back and make the cakes… and *maybe* the faster I can actually make a start cleaning up!!


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