Who's a clever girl then?

We finally got the results of the ‘educational tests’ the eldest daughter took in school in September. These are the ‘guides’ the school uses to sort the students into ‘streams’ and classes.

The four areas they tested were ‘Maths’, ‘Reading’, Spelling’, and ‘Written Expression’.

In ‘Maths’ and  ‘Written Expression’ she rated above ‘Average’. In ‘Reading’ and ‘Spelling’ she rated ‘Highly Developed’

What is nice about this isn’t just that she is as clever as we thought… but that she was able to demonstrate it! Of course we *still* think she could have done *far* better in Maths than she did and so the wife is sitting on her shoulders each night forcing her to revise and work harder at studying relevant areas in preparation for starting High School (next January).

By the way the rating ‘Above Average’ is only given to the top 19% of students; and the rating ‘Highly Developed’ only to the top 4%.

The girl did good!! 😀

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