Weeeeed….. ?

A lot of Saturday was spent out in the garden. I finished strimming the edges of the lawns front and back and mowed. Spread lawn fertiliser over them and watered it in. Yesterday was *also* spent in the garden. The wife went out with the kids firstly to shop, and then to drop them off at parties! Nice for some.

I just got on with the weeding. I filled the garden waste bin very quickly… and then several large carrier bags… and made very little impression on the place at all! It’s amazing just how much of this garden is plain weed!! šŸ™‚

At some stage I’ll have to try to find a clover specific weedkiller. Most people (here at least) seem to hate clover, especially when it infests their lawns. Personally, I love clover… and when it’s in a lawn I have no problems with it at all. It attracts bees and makes the place feel as if we’re in the countryside, yet when clover gets into a bed it’s a ferocious opponent! It twists, twines and infiltrates garden beds, insinuating itself between and around the bedding plants creating an inextricable mass of stems. leaves and flowers that make it easier and quicker to pull the entire lot out and replant than to waste hours or days sort out ‘good’ plants from the rest!!

In the end I was forced to abandon the task because we had to go to more rehearsals for the Xmas Ice Show. It was time to stop anyway, I’d managed to scratch myself somehow on one (or more) of the plants and my arms and left leg had erupted in red angry welts. There was probably some allergic reaction in there as well so I took antihistamine as well just in case. The welts are still there today and still painful so maybe another dose is in order?

Today of course the gym calls… but so does the turf outside the Guide Hut. When I’m finished torturing myself I’ll have to take a turn over there and make sure it’s wetted down again… and then… more weeding here?

I’m in a bit of a quandary over that. Right now I have nowhere to put the weeds once they’ve been pulled… but if I leave them til Thursday when the bins are emptied, they’ve just continue to take over. Maybe I’ll just fill the garbage bin up with them as well… or maybe I’ll just spray weedkiller over the entire bed and wait for it all to die off šŸ™‚

I know which is the easier approach! šŸ™‚

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