And… there's more!

The wife’s niece has now confirmed she and *her* husband will be arriving mid-December to stay with us as well. This will be an interesting Xmas. No idea how long they’ll be with us yet… but like I said most people seem to want to stay so it could be weeks or months. 🙂

This pair though have work visas so will probably be moving into their own accommodation close to work fairly quickly (once they find both). We’re a bit old and miserable for two young newly married people but as with all other visitors… they’re welcome to stay as long as they need to so long as they don’t wreck our ‘laid back’ (i.e. messy) lifestyle. 😀

I think I mentioned I’ve only met the niece once since she grew up… though she *was* at our wedding with her mother… one of the very few who can claim that distinction (being at the wedding I mean not being with her mother)!! 🙂 I’ve not met her husband at all… and I’m not even sure what his name is yet which will make it interesting when we meet up at the airport. On a theme… not sure how that will work yet either. Needs working on… but I think the wife will need to ‘work from home’ that day so she can be there to ‘meet and greet’ *and* then be here to help them integrate into a household which will (by then) consist of a family of four adult and five kids.

Lordy… Xmas will be something to remember this year!!!

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