Rosemary? What do I do with it?

Obviously chucking handfuls of Rosemary over your lamb is a way of using up some… but I have *buckets* of it!

Our Rosemary Bush

Thing is what *else* can I do with it?? The damn thing is taking over the garden! Yes it’s pretty… sort of… but it’s so big… and so… useless!

Any ideas to what useful purpose I can put the leaves… or any other part? 😀

5 thoughts on “Rosemary? What do I do with it?

  1. MMM. Rosemary – Not an easy one…. You can add it to brewing tea, it’s supposed to be good for relieving tension headaches. The Italians use it a lot with pork, it goes really well. You can use the stems as skewers for kebabs, and throw literally handfuls of it onto the barbecue to perfume the food (Maybe dampened a little first to help produce smoke). I really like the flavour in bean stews, chucking a couple of bushy stems in for an hour or so.

    They do say that if Rosemary grows well in a garden, the woman of the house rules the roost!

  2. Chic:
    Gee thanks… 15 things. Don’t do it by halves will you?? 🙂

    Lavender bags… or bags for Lavender? She was back online last night. Said she missed us… not enough to visit though (luckily).

    Will have a look at that one and maybe hack it back to some meaningful shape and size. Right now as you can see from the photo, it’s pretty damn big!! 🙂

    Pork? never tried rosemary with pork… will look up a recipe maybe and see what the idea is and give it a try. Using the stems for skewers is a good one… but our barbie is natural gas powered so not sure it would like being sprinkled with wet leaves, but you know me I’ll try any thing once! 🙂

    Odd how these old wives tales seem to fit?? The wife is well in charge here!

  3. Don’t like the sound of ‘Chicken Rosemary’… chicken is so bland and Rosemary is so strong… tho I suppose trying a few sprigs in the body might be worth trying… just to see how the flavours fit together.

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