More with Rosemary

As you see in the comments, the sister kindly passed on a url with “15 Things to do with Rosemary” so I had a butchers hook and saw most are suggestions for use with food… as you’d expect… but you’d have to use it pretty sparingly for some ideas. It’s such a strong flavoured herb it could well overpower anything less robust.

As is my way I eventually went looking myself and found a couple of interesting sites with information about Rosemary and its uses. For example, Demesne tells us
clothes dried over a Rosemary bush help repel moths… and it is useful in warding off plague. So that’s useful to know! 🙂

Maybe the best idea comes from The Herb Spiral which suggests sprinkling it in your bath for a wonderful relaxing recuperative experience. So… we have the Rosemary… we have lots of hot water… all I need is a bath. Can’t see if having the same effect in the shower somehow.

I wonder if I sprinkled it in the swimming pool or spa would it have the same effect??:D

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