Water, water everywhere!

The Guide Hall has been having a revamp over recent months. Floors are polished, walls painted, windows re-glazed and given new curtains and a new kitchen and storage area is on the way. Outside lots of undergrowth has been removed, some gardens planted, a flagpole raised and a fire pit dug.

As a part of the renovation turf was laid along one side of the hall, but even though it’s been raining recently it needs to be kept moist to encourage the roots to grow downwards and secure it for the long term. None of the other parents seemed to be making the right kind of noises, so I raised my hand again (*without* being asked of course) to go and water it. Only thing is I underestimated how long it would take to do the job. I arrived at 8:10 a.m. and left at 10:15 a.m.

Ok the grass is wetted down and has had some assistance surviving… but it made me late for the gym and I missed Sally so I didn’t get my hard exercise routine today!!The grass will need continuous monitoring and I suppose I’ll carry on doing it, but I think I’ll have to go *after* the gym not before… even though I’ll be too exhausted to do much.

At least I have a soaker hose which will take much of the boredom factor away and maybe if I take a ‘protein bar’ with me I can have a form of picnic all on my lonesome 😀

Actually this reminds me… I have 10 kilos of onions here doing nothing… perhaps I should chop them up and freeze them ready for the next BBQ??

And now… I have to make a start on *our* garden!! Such joy unbounded….

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