Hard days yakka.

Bit of a hard day yesterday. Started off badly by having to get up at 5:30 a.m. to get the youngest away to her skating lesson. We usually have an hour walking around the lake, but I found my hip was hurting so much I couldn’t manage more than one circuit, and even that was at a slow walk! Anyway, eventually I stayed with the daughters at the ice rink/gym the wife went off to the local Hardware superstore where the Girl Guides were to hold a BBQ to raise funds. We had all the Esky’s and I’d spent Thursday and Friday evening chopping onions, so she had to be there in order for them to set up and start cooking.
The short walk was followed by a session in the gym for the eldest daughter an I. She of course did her ‘routine’ easily enough… but I had to abandon mine after an hour or so because of the pain in my hip. Maybe I overdid it having training sessions with Sally as well as my usual three hour stint on the treadmills etc. Either way my body wasn’t working well enough for me to carry it through so I stopped. Sort of.

The wife was supposed to be waiting for us to ring when we’d finished and she would collect us however after two calls it seemed she wasn’t aware of us trying to contact her so the eldest daughter and I started walking from the gym up to the hardware store to meet her. A half hour uphill walk later, and just as we entered the car park of the store, the wife rings to ask if we’d be trying to call her. Grrr…:)

From then til 4:00 p.m. we were cooking hot dogs and onions and selling them to passers-by. There was a good crowd of parents there, but of course none stayed as long as the wife who did a full eight hours! Most stayed for an hour or less and in the end it was mostly ‘leaders’ who remained to the close. No idea how much was taken in total yet as none of us was much inclined to sit and count it in the car park, so all the Esky’s were loaded back into the car and we’ll hand on to them until the next Guide meeting on Tuesday evening.

It all went a bit pear shaped after that. I’d misread a note from the organisers of the Xmas skating show and thought we needed to be at the rink by 5:15 p.m. so we dutifully threw down some food and trooped back out into the car to drive back to where we started the day… only to find there was a speed skating final running instead of the rehearsal! So we juts went home.

In fact by then we were all so tired we just sat around for an hour or so watching (of all things) *Heidi*, a Shirley Temple film from 1937… and collapsed into bed where I then spent two hours finishing off the Ken Follett book (Worlds End) that I’d had for my birthday. I eventually drifted off around midnight and woke up when the dogs started barking at 6:00 a.m. – and here we are again.

It was a hard day, but apart from the painful and tiring bits, a lot of it was fun!! 🙂

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