And away went the kids

Out last night with the kids collecting lollies and sweets from the local neighbourhood.

My daughters went by themselves in the end. The neighbours daughter was told she had too much homework to do so wasn’t allowed to go. I thought was a bit mean spirited really since it’s just one night, but there ya go.

I was considering walking round with them but decided against it. Apart from being tired to begin with after a day at a case conference,  the prospect of battling flies and mossies for a couple of hours wasn’t a pleasant prospect. Instead of the trauma I opted for an evening listening to Classic FM which was culminating their week of ‘Top 100 Concertos’ with a concert featuring excerpts from the final 5 or so.

I also took along a couple of ‘Time’ magazines and a book. I was set.

Kids went off and I followed along at a discreet distance (as I’ve done in years past) allowing them to harass people banging on the doors yelling ‘Trick or Treat’ at all and sundry. At most houses they were ‘rewarded’ with a handful of candy. In some cookies… one even gave them cash!!

This went on for two hours until the youngest got tired and wanted to go home. The eldest was all for working her way around the estate but I figured they’d had a bag full to keep them hyper for a while… and they have school of course… so maybe this year enough is enough. Perhaps next year she could organise some of her school friends to come down for an overnight stay and they could stay out longer.

Will have to think that one over I think!! 🙂

Still… I enjoyed the concert… the kids enjoyed the walk… and the wife got a lot of paperwork done. Could be worse. 🙂

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