Almost forgot

Almost forgot to mention it’s Halloween tonight. Much as I loathe this Americanism it seems to have taken hold here as an excuse for kids to wander around people’s houses begging for lollies!!  🙂

My kids obviously took to this with much pleasure and now they team up with a young girl from across the road to go and walk the streets. I generally follow along behind in the car reading a book so they’re fairly safe and they come home with carrier bags full of booty.

To be realistic, Halloween ‘US style’ really doesn’t work here at all. We’re into Daylight Saving now so the evenings are extended and it’s light until quite late in the evening. The kids start out at 6:00 p.m. which is still full daylight, and of course being Oz, at this time of year it’s often very warm and sultry.  The result is that there is nothing remotely ‘creepy’ or ‘frightening’ about the experience at all!

So, like I said, with nothing to scare them, for kids this is just an excuse to go begging sweets off strangers! Not sure if this is good or bad… but it keeps them quiet for a while and gets them out of the house!!  🙂

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