Tidier still.. so moving forward!!

After some serious aggravation the kids finally made it upstairs to the back room and made an effort to tidy it.

To be fair, whilst they ignored homework and instrument practice, and watched a DVD while they did it… you *can* at least see the floor now which is a vast improvement!

The daughter, husband (fiance?) and kids will be here in three weeks to stay for eight over Xmas so that room *must* be sorted out soon, i.e. this weekend, or it’ll never be ready for them to sleep in. In addition the kids will be shifting rooms to make sure all have a place to sleep with the two boys in one room and my girls in the other. The baby? In a drawer somewhere I suppose 🙂

More on this later no doubt. In the meantime, at least a couple of rooms up there are tidier than they were so we are moving along albeit slowly.

The wife was telling me she’d persuaded (told?) the old man to get his act together and come over for Xmas and that she’d expect he and my mother to arrive at the end of November! I’ve not had any reaction from himself yet… but I’m sure he’ll make some comment soon enough. With luck it’ll be “Tickets bought… we’re on the way!!” 🙂

Their room is still much the same as it was so if they *do* decide to arrive, all we need do is vacuum and put clean sheets on the beds!! 🙂

Be nice to have a big family Xmas! 😀

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