Where did yesterday go?

Had a *very* hard day yesterday!

It was ‘weigh-in’ day at the competition… I’d lost 4 kilos but only after a heavy session on the treadmill which boiled off a lot of water! 🙂 After that the kids went to a Girl Guide/Scouting organised event called JOTA (Jamboree of the Air). It’s JOTA’s 50th year this year so it must be doing *something* right!! Either way the kids love it. It means they get to chat with Guides from all around the world… though of necessity this usually means Australia. 🙂

My kids were there from 2:00 p.m. til 5:00 p.m. and had a great time as usual. But while they were there… I went out shopping for provisions. Finished the shopping at 4:30 so raced over to get them. Then had to put it all away of course… and *then* made a start trying to tidy up and clean the living room.

All I managed to do was fill the dishwasher and wash the work surfaces… and it was almost time for bed!!

It’s all go while the wife is away… roll on Friday when she comes home!! 🙂

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