Leonids are coming again!

Yes indeedy. The Leonid Meteor Shower will hit earth once again on November 17th – 18th (give or take a week) about 11:00 p.m. At least that’s when it’ll hit the Northern hemisphere. I’m afraid I’ve not yet worked out when those of us in Australia will be able to see it properly.

Either way, I think none of us is due for another magic lights show that fills the skies for some years… possibly decades but I could be wrong. Actually, there are signs that Jupiter might have altered the path of the meteor itself… so it may be the light show could be missing for some hundreds of years!

In the interim, if the path of some of the remnant dust from the meteor coincides with Earth’s orbit again we might yet get a light show… albeit much reduced… but after all that has to be better than no show… eh?? . 🙂

For more info go to this NASA Site. Best of luck for a clear night 🙂

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