And… away she goes!!

After her quick sojourn in sunny London (where as usual she was worked too hard) the wife has decamped and is making her way up to even sunnier Edinburgh… and the best of luck to her I say.

Current predictions for the granite city are maximum temperatures of 12ºC (minimum 3ºC) and overcast skies. Actually… that could be Edinburgh at any time of year!!

Sadly our friends in that fair city have decided the weather in Florida suits their bones a little better so have disappeared for a holiday. Of course… it *could* be they had advance warning the wife was coming and got out fast!! Well you never know!!

Eh… paranoid?? Me?? Why do you say that…what have you heard?? Are people talking about me again?? Y’know I can hear them in the TV whispering and plotting… always plotting and whispering… but they’ll never get me… NEVER I say!!! Ahahahahaha……

… or something 😀

Anyway… errr… good luck Edinburgh. I hope the hotel has a better internet link that the Hilton who’s link spent more time falling in and out than actually functioning properly!! Grrr…..

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