Too late to catch up?

All those posts I was going to make seem to have fallen by the wayside. With a memory like mine anything that isn’t written down within a day or so is lost forever – which is I suppose one of the reasons for writing this to begin with. It reinforces the memory *and* provides a record if I ever want to look back at what happened ‘whenever’.

Of course when I changed blog software andΒ  hosts I actually lost three years of posts which was desperately sad after the work involved writing it up. So it goes.

So what *did* happen on those ‘lost days’? Not really sure to be honest.Β  After the keys got lost on Tuesday it all gets hazy.

I know we (kids and I) went to the gym together on Wednesday for them to ‘train’. It all got a bit much for the youngest so she gave up, but the eldest seemed to enjoy it so we gave her a membership. The cost for a ‘daily pass’ is $12 and the membership is $20 a week… so she has to go three times a week to justify the cost. We go at least that many because of the youngests skating routine. So Monday and Friday afternoon , and Saturday morning will be seeing her and I slogging away on the equipment.

Following the gym we went to the local ‘wave pool’, i.e. a swimming pool that has a wave making machine… and a quite violent one it is too! πŸ™‚ They went off to swim and I did my ‘expanded doggy paddle’ stroke for 50 lengths. If nothing else it helped with the exercise and weight loss.

Thursday? Nothing dramatic. We went to the gym… my daily routine now… and then we went bowling. I figure bowling is exercise as well… throwing a 16 lb ball down a lane must be doing something I suppose!

Friday? Again to the gym where the youngest finally decided she’d had enough exercise and went off to skate again! πŸ™‚ In the afternoon we went off to Canterbury to see the Ice Rink there. It’s a bit of a dive but that’s where today’s competition will be held and it was worth going if only to find out where it is!

To be fair, a dump or not, there were some really good skaters there. Our ‘local’ rink is far newer, brighter and functional… but it we want the youngest to progress she needs to be skating with skaters of a higher calibre to be able to learn from them… and right now Canterbury is where they all seem to hang out!

Saturday? Wife was getting ready for her trip to the UK so we didn’t do much other than the usual Saturday morning routine of ‘gym’ and ‘skating’, though we *did* finally pick up her watch! You may recall we bought it for her birthday present, but she’d taken it back to the shop for the winder to be fixed as it was far too tight for her to change the time! They told her it wouldn’t be back until her return from the UK… but then on Friday she got a call to say it was ready. Nice that!

The trip to the Mall was followed by a trip to the new shopping centre for some general food shopping… and then home to jump in the pool for a relaxing swim.

Right… that was a long post… but we’re up to date. As far as I can recall what went on anyway! πŸ™‚

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