Sod's Law?

We have a TomTom 710 ‘navigation system’ which has worked perfectly for a year or so. Of course we usually don’t go far so it’s not used as a navigator as often as it might be.

However, as I wrote a short while ago, the other day we went to Canterbury to take the youngest to a different ice rink. This was a perfect time to use the TomTom. The rink was new to us and so was the area. We had *no* idea where to go other than it was ‘south’ of Sydney.

Got in the car, turned everything on… and the TomTom failed to light up for the first time. After fiddling around for a while we realised  it had died (or at least was in need of a reset) but just wasn’t going to work.

There are times being a Magpie comes in handy because after a quick rummage on the shelves we dug out a set of maps from 1994 and were able to get there. The question really is of course, why do these things happen at *just* the wrong time? Sod’s law?

Anyway it has to be fixed. The internal battery seems to have gone and it needs power to be able to reset it so back to the store it goes. Is it still under warranty I wonder? Sod’s Law says the warranty ran out the day before it broke… we’ll see soon enough! 😀

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