Wife in the UK?

Sad to say yes… but not yet. She’s being shipped over by her company sometime this month for a two week ‘fact finding mission’ where she can meet members of a company they just took over and do the usual ‘press the flesh’ thing.

I think she’ll be spending a week up north in Edinburgh, and a week down south in London. Personally I could happily give grey old Edinburgh a miss, especially in October which isn’t the warmest of times to visit, but I’m quite jealous of her time in London.

There is so much I still miss about London it’s quite pathetic! šŸ™‚ We could never afford to live there again, and even if we could… I wouldn’t. Australia has so much more going for it we’d be insane to move. And yet London is so… alive! Wherever you go there is something happening whereas life is run at a much slower pace here. In Sydney, we have time to sit in the sun and watch the flowers grow.

Still, in some ways I miss the excitement of ‘big city life and I’d love to be able to go with her to spend a week (even on my own) and just wander the streets of London like I used to.

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