Talking of visitors…

We’re still a bit in the dark about who’s coming to stay this year. For starters, the wife has a niece she’s never met who wants to come and stay with us for an unspecified length of time. To add to the fun she’d like to bring her new husband as well. Of course… we’ve met him even less than her since at least *she* is ‘family’ πŸ™‚ I doubt we’ll say no though… we’ve only said no once and that was for child safety reasons.

We expect my *really* eldest daughter in the UK to come over for Christmas with her husband and three kids. Also my parents are due to arrive then as well which would be great… a huge family Xmas a bit like the ‘old days’ πŸ™‚

The daughter is intending to stay for 6 weeks. The only issue we have is that neither she nor her husband have a valid UK licence… and since an International Licence isn’t valid in NSW I think they might well find themselves sitting by the pool for a lot of that time which would be a real waste 😦

The parents on the other hand might also arrive before Xmas and then may well extend their stay to six months… much as they did for the previous two previous years. My mum is getting weaker all round as time goes on. Her Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis are making life for her really hard currently… and of course for my father who is struggling to look after her. I was just going to say I’m not looking forward to getting old… yet here I am at age 60 already!

Amazing to get this far. I was convinced as a youth I’d never see thirty never mind double it! The only problem I have is that mind and body are temporally mismatched. In my head I’m somewhere between age sixteen and twenty… yet my body feels to be 100 !! I’ll bet I’m not alone in feeling that! πŸ™‚

And I won’t be alone over Xmas either (I don’t like quiet Xmas’s… it’s a family time and both ours are in the UK) – tho I doubt the niece would come while everyone else is here, but whoever turns up, and whenever they arrive/depart, it looks to be an interesting year coming up whatever happens πŸ™‚

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