Late Great John Peel

Just visited Kat’s Karaven and found a post from May 2007 which carries the MP3 of John Peel’s first Top Gear on 1st October 1967. It’s 60 mb but I couldn’t resist it.

Quite amazing. It’s carrying *live* tracks from people like Traffic, Nirvana, Floyd etc. Some of this stuff I’ve either never heard before or not heard for 40 years!! I’ve been playing it for the last age… have now downloaded more of the podcasts on the site… and going back for more!! I love this site. Oh wow… this download even has The Pink Floyd in session singing ‘Flaming’ … oh yes…. the original group live, before poor old Syd Barrett went potty!! Now… where did I put my copy of Piper at the Gates of Dawn???

Damn good stuff for us groaning oldies and ‘unreconstructed hippie’ types. Bring back the 60’s I say!!! 🙂

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