Just searching.

Because we’re likely to be inundated with visitors over Xmas, if my eldest daughter in the UK can get her act together in time, we’ve made a start of cleaning up the old ‘computer room… currently the kids play lounge. It’s a pretty big room with space for double bed, 3 piece suite, largish media centre and shelving so should do the trick – if we can clear it.

Because it used to be the computer room and we all congregated in it, it slowly became filled with anything we didn’t want to discard, but didn’t want to use. It had to be tidied urgently. The floor was cleared months ago with boxes of computing junk being dumped into our bedroom. All in all that was a bad move, but more on that later as at least it cleared the floor.

All that’s left to sort out are the shelves… either of them filled with computing books, psychology books, economic books… well books on almost everything we’ve ever studied and a whole lot more.

I bought 5 plastic boxes and set to work. Overoptimistic as usual, the 5 boxes were filled within minutes and I’ve hardly started. However… and here we sort of come to the point… on the way through I’ve unearthed some really interesting things I’ve kept for reasons unknown.

For example. I found a three part series on Gladstone and his Contemporaries. What the hell I even *bought* these for I don’t know… but I did. They were printed in 1885 so I’m sure are full of really up to the minute analysis on contemporary affairs. But what do I do with them now? Leave them on the shelf I suppose.

I also turned up a small booklet from 1963 printed by the International Correspondence School, ICS. I have no idea if they even exist anymore… but if they do they might be pleased to learn that there is a copy of “Algebra 6166 – 1 to 3” is sitting in a box somewhere in Australia!

Lastly, I found a copy of “Practical Arithmetic and Mensuration” which has lots of handy hints on how to calculate using rods, poles and perches. It’ll also be handy if I ever want to calculate using pounds shillings and pence which might make a comeback one day… maybe?

I’m back off to search a bit more. Who knows what else will turn up in amongst the junk 🙂

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