Breastfeeding still an issue

Facebook, that ubiquitous networking service, has, in its wisdom, decreed that breastfeeding is immoral!! A letter they sent to this ex-member includes the following

Please note, nudity, drug use, or other obscene content is not allowed on the website. 

Excuse me? Breastfeeding is obscene? Or are they suggesting it constitutes drug use?? Or is it ‘nudity’ – despite having a baby attached? I think this is another of those blanket bans imposed by some nerd unable to see past their own nipple fixation to understand there is more for a breast to do than lie there to be groped by a bloke! Geez… this is straight out of Victorian times! The old queen would be proud of them even if nobody else is.

For a read of the story have a look at Bliss Breastfeeding (Note: BLISS stands for Breastfeeding and Lactation Information and Support Source. ) unless that is you work for Facebook in which case, go hide your face.

Breast feeding

Ok… hands up anyone who feels this is obscene or promotes drug use… and where’s the nudity?? What a joke!!

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