A camping she will go!

The eldest daughter is a bright little spark with everything she does, except perhaps her maths which is just about average, so when there is something special going on she is one of the first to be called up. The latest thing is a ‘Gifted and Talented’ camp the school is running for the ‘best of the best’. She has been invited onto an ‘Environmental Studies’ course which lasts three days.The course info sheet asked that we drop her off at 11:30 this morning so because the site (Elanora Heights) looked to be a long way away we set off about 8:45 a.m. after dropping the youngest off at school. Off we went into the morning traffic in no particular rush partly because we had two hours to get there, and partly because there was nothing to rush *on* what with the roads being blocked because of the rush hour.
Strangely enough, being me, things didn’t go quite according to plan and despite the traffic… we ended up getting there just after 9:30 a.m. and this was after missing the turning into the conference centre on the way down the hill and having to turn back! 🙂:)

Luckily the daughters class teacher had *also* misread the traffic and arrived way early so she was able to take the daughter off for a for a ramble around the centre before anyone else got there.

Unfortunately for the daughter, I mentioned to the teacher that she had her phone with her to keep her busy… and we were reminded she she wasn’t allowed to take phones or MP3’s etc. Seems it’s against the spirit of the camp… !!! Erk… !!

It was bad enough for her that she lost her phone… but I’d fixed her MP3 player for her *just* before we left and she was looking forward to using it in the nights – I even gave her a spare battery so she could share with her friends!! I had to take them both off her and bring *both* of them home with me. Awww…..  😦

Last week, you may recall, she spent three days at music camp and then gave a concert in the evening. This time there’s no concert but she’ll be there until Thursday lunchtime when I go to collect her. I bet she’ll be glad to come home for a rest!!  :)

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