Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all and sundry. I had a lie in… got up late… had breakfast in bed a couple of prezzies and a cuddle.Pretty good start to the day I think. :)

Edit 1:

So after we finally get going, it was outside to do some overdue gardening. Trees to hack… sorry prune… weeds to pull and so on. Filled the two wheelie bins with ‘waste vegetation’ and there are at least three more binfulls of weeds waiting to be pulled and dumped.

After that we strimmed the edges of the lawn front and back then mowed. Used the leaf blower to clean up most of the mess that was left and washed down the remainder with the hose.

Currently I’m in the lounge – obviously since I’m typing – and my nose is streaming. Hay fever time is around so all that grass, pollen and dust wasn’t make the best of ideas. Still, the work needed doing and we’ve made a good start.

For the rest of the day I’m not sure what to do yet… I can see the sense in not going outside until my nasal river has ceased to flow so maybe I’ll just sit here and read up on how to handle the sites I have to configure…. or something :)

So far… it’s been a quite a nice fathers day, :)

Edit 2:

Carried on well too. Both daughters cooked dinner for us… fried rice… and then treated us to a concert where they played their instruments in a little show. Was really well done. They’re good kids really :D

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