Slow down!

Slow down,you move to fast
You’ve gotta make the morning last…

Was driving home this morning from the hospital where I’d dropped off the wife and eldest daughter (who is having teeth removed you may recall?). We left the youngest is bed asleep so I had to come back to get her ready for school. Still I digress… as usual

I was driving home travelling at 80 kph or so, which is the speed limit hereabouts and noticed a sign at the side of the road. We’re living just a few miles from the site of the new town centre so roadworks etc are nothing new to us, not are these digital signs, some of which are vaguely useful flashing arrows or directions at us as we approach.

This one was odd in that despite my speed, it felt it necessary to tell me I was travelling just at 41 kph! The result was of course I took my eyes off the road a few times to check my speedometer and the sign to be sure I was reading it right and that the car hadn’t suddenly entered some weird ‘other dimensional space’ where speed was relatively relative not relatively absolute.

It struck me that this really wasn’t the idea behind the signs at all and that the intention was we slow us down if we were speeding. From my small observation I’d have said the sign simply increased the danger of accidents by distraction people with false information causing them to reduce their level of concentration at the worst possible time.

But… what do I know? 😦

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