Jury Duty – not once!

The world at large seems to have decided I’m either not a ‘fit and proper person’, or that I have no peer group since in all my years I’ve never been called for jury duty! Come to think of it… I can’t say I even *know* anyone who’s been called for jury duty?

If you have been called, or have been on a jury… let me know what it’s like ok??

Just curious.

4 thoughts on “Jury Duty – not once!

  1. I have never been called for Jury Duty either (not that I wanted to go) – Snowy was I think called 3 times, he went the first time but was excused the 2nd and third time because he had to be home when the children came out of school. Paul has also been asked but he too was excused because his back was really bad at the time.

  2. Back online after 3 months, ahh heaven. I was called once but was excused as I worked for a one man band and he couldn’t afford for me to go. Haven’t been called since but I think that’s because I served in the forces and may have already been seen to have done my bit for the country.

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