Where's me teeth?

The eldest daughter is off to the hospital tomorrow. She needs lots of teeth out. Not because she doesn’t look after them, though she doesn’t, more because of ‘something’ that happened either before she was born, or when she was very young. Apparently at some early age she was affected either by a virus or maybe antibiotics the wife took when carrying her (who knows really?) and it affected the enamel of her teeth… despite them not even being there at the time.

Don’t ask me the mechanics of it all, I just know that a few years ago we were told her back teeth were disintegrating and so she needed them capped with metal covers to protect them.

Time moved on and now her permanent teeth are waiting to grow but can’t push their way past the caps… so caps and old teeth have to come out.

Seems to do this requires a general anaesthetic and that’s where she’ll be at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. Why so early? No idea… we just do what we’re told. Maybe the consultant orthodontist has a busy day planned… we didn’t ask 🙂

Either way… please wish her well for tomorrow morning. All being well I’ll be back here as usual tomorrow arvo complaining about something or other… much as usual. Fingers crossed anyway.

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