Me go shoppy, shoppy.

Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s off to Aldi we go… again. I like Aldi. They sell lots of odd stuff you don’t know you need until they advertise it… then I *have* to rush off and get it!! 🙂

Today’s delight is an 8.8 litre electric water urn which was on sale for $39.90. We had a good one a couple of years ago. Actually on one side it heated water, and on the other it cooled it… lasted two years but it eventually died on us and as it’s impossible to get anyone to fix anything any more, out it went 😦

I bought a water cooler a couple of weeks ago… from Aldi… and this now supplies us with constant boiling water for tea etc… which being British born we drink loads of.

The only real problem is the size of it. It’s nice to have 8 litres of water heated… but what the hell will we use it for?? The old one only boiled two cups… but I figure we can use it for boiling spuds or veg etc… or something… maybe?

Oh yes, we also now possess a load of cheapish toys for Xmas pressies for kids – ours or someone else’s… who cares… they were cheap 🙂 I bought another Lazy Susan, god knows why, and a folding walking cane of which you can never have enough!! Ahh… and an onion chopper… I know they don’t work but I travel in hope of finding one that does sometime.

For next weeks offerings… go to the Aldi Australia site… oooh… I like the exercise equipment!! Xmas lights!! A neat door mat!! Ooohh… will *have* to go next week!!

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