Spoiled dogs

Our dogs are spoiled. One dog in particular seems to be spoiled more than the other and that’s Stupid, the Labrador. The reason is that he’s such an idiot… and so ‘childish’ in his ways whereas Kit, the 12 yr old Cattle Dog is usually far more ‘ladylike’ in her demeanor… not always but often enough. 🙂

An example is the way they eat. To begin with they are often fed raw chicken carcases… they like them, they are only $2.25 a kilo… and are easy to prepare, i.e. I just drop a couple in each dogs dish 🙂

However, Kit, old as she is, is the dominant one of the pair and if she gets it into her mind to stop Stupid eating, which she does regularly, he is forced to sit and watch as the plays the ‘dog in the manger’ game.

To combat this, Stupid has developed a cunning plan. He knows Kit’s arthritis won’t let her jump high any more… so he’s taken to diving at the bowl, grabbing a carcase… and leaping up onto the outdoor table setting where he can crunch away in peace until he can manage to sneak down to grab at another one without her noticing.

Of course I *could*… probably should… keep him off the table. It isn’t exactly hygienic to let him continue, but I just figure he’d not eat for a week if I didn’t cut him some slack! 🙂

Snoop Dog

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